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Sergio Escobar is a Chilean company linked to the automotive sector, specifically to the marketing of new and used cars, accessories and maintenance.


The challenge was to create an ecommerce platform capable of offering its users the possibility of prepaying maintenance for their vehicules, in order to automate the process. Said maintenance would vary in price according to the make, model and type of fuel of the vehicle.


I started the research with a workshop with the stakeholders where we defined the business objectives for theproject.

Then, together with the stakeholders, we made an empathy map where they shared with me, based on their experience, who their clients are.

To complement the information that I previously gathered, I made a benchmark, where the objective would be to know the existing digital solutions for managing the scheduling process and payment of automotive maintenance in the market. Three key areas were taken into account: Interface, Communication and Operation.


The design stage began with the information architecture, here we gave prominence to the content of Maintenance.

Being part of an existing website I decided to keep access to the main navigation menu.

To create the interface I was based on its brand manual.

Each maintenance will have the attributes: Brand, Model, Fuel Type and in turn will have 3 variations: Basic, Standard, Premium. The variations will be dependent on the attributes.

The challenge at this stage was to provide a seamless experience to the user when selecting their maintenance package, which must present: Package name, package details and price.


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